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[PvE] Protection

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1 [PvE] Protection on Sun Dec 27, 2015 5:28 pm


Source: Link
Author: avodat


  • I. Basic Stats

  • II. Defense and Avoidance

  • III. Crushing blow

  • IV. Hitting the boss

  • V. Boss avoidance

  • VI. Threat and TPS

  • VII. Skill rotation

  • VIII. Min/Maxing your Defensive build

  • IX. Min/Maxing your Agressive build

  • X. Gear for every Tier

  • XI. Enchantments

  • XII. Socketing

I. Basic Stats

Strength (str):
1 str = 2 attack power (AP)
20 str = 1 block value
Rank 5 Vitality increases strength by 10%
Agility (agi):
1 agi = 2 armor
33.0 agi = 1.0% crit
30.0 agi = 1.0% dodge
Stamina (stam):
1 stamina = 10.0 HP
1 stamina = 10.5 HP with max Vitality
1 stamina = 11.0 HP with max Vitality for taurens
Vitality inscrease your stamina by 5%

Hit rating:
15.7692 hit rating = 1% hit chance
It also reducing the chance to resist Taunt.
Critical Strike rating:
22.0769 critical strike rating = 1% critical strike chance
Haste rating:
15.77 haste rating = 1% weapon haste
Expertise rating:
3.9423 expertise rating = 1 expertise
Every point of expertise reducing the chance for NPCs to parry/dodge your attack by 0.25%.
Orc passive increasing your expertise by 5 when using axes.
Human passive increasing your expertise by 5 when using swords or maces.

Defensive rating:
2.3654 defensive rating = 1 defense skill
1 defense skill increase chances of these by 0.04%:

- Increase chance to block
- Increase chance to dodge
- Increase chance to parry
- Increase chance to be missed
- Decrease chance to be crit
- Decrease chance to be dazed

Dodge rating:
18.9230 dodge rating = 1% to dodge
Parry rating:
22.4 parry rating = 1% to parry (this is value that should be at launch but with patch 2.1 and BT they buffed parry slightly)
Shield Block rating:
7.8846 shield block rating = 1% chance to block

Shield Block value:
1 shield block value = +1 damage absorbed when you block and +1 damage with shield slam (increase TPS)

Resilience Rating:
39.4231 Resilience Rating = 1% Reducing chance to be hitted by crit and 2% less crit damage.
Resilience also stack up with defense rating so you can get "defense cap" just with resilience.

Armor Penetration:
Armor penetration is weak stat for tanks but 1000 armor penetration for DPS warriors increases their damage by 6% .

35880 armor is cap 75% there is diminishing return which reduces scaling of armor. So more armor you have, less %damage reduction you will recive from it. I would also like to add that theres no big point in trying to get more armor if you are in 18000 range.

II. Defense and Avoidance

Defensive Cap:

The first think you have to get before raiding is Defensive cap, which reducing chance to be critted to 0%

2.4 defensive rating = 1 defense skill

You need to get 491 defense for defense cap.
That is 141defense if you have 5/5 Anticipation or 336 defense rating.
You CAN mix defense and resilience to achive defense cap, but its less then ideal.
There was a bug in calculation in retail. It does that if you had 489.1 defense (less then 336defense rating) it showed in stats that you have 490defense. So just to be sure achive 491defense or calculate your defense rating to be exactly 336 or more.

Chances of NPC to hit you.

Warrior without any gear or talents.
NPC vs. Player:
Miss: 5%
Dodge: 3.79%
Parry: 5%
Block: 5%
Crushing Blow: 0%
Critical Hit: 5%
Hit: 76.21%

Bosses are 73lvl so they have additional 3levels of weapons skill and that reducing their chances to hit you by parry/dodge/block/miss by 0.2% per level (0.6% total)

Bosses also have 15% to crushing blow.

Boss Versus Player:
Miss: 4.4%
Dodge: 3.19%
Parry: 4.4%
Block: 4.4%
Crushing Blow: 15%
Critical Hit: 5.6%
Hit: 63.01%

This is why you need 491defense, to reduce their chances to crit to 0%.

Lets see how warrior with 491defense looks like.

Boss vs. Player:
Miss: 10%
Dodge: 8.79%
Parry: 10%
Block: 10%
Crushing Blow: 15% (STAYS)
Critical Hit: 0%
Hit: 46.21%

III. Crushing blow

Crushing blow is first think after defense cap you have to remove by achieving 100% avoidance (parry,miss,block,dodge). Warriors are extremely strong agains crushing blow becouse of Shield block which increasing your block by 75%.

So you have 75% and  25% remaining, although remember that bosses are 3levels higher that is  0.6% dodge,block,parry,miss (0.2% per level) more. So its 27,4% that you have to achieve.
You can easily achieve it without any equip just with 5points in Shield specialization (5% to shield block), 5points in deflection (5% to parry) a 5points in anticipation (20 defense).

Player without equip vs. boss.
Miss: 5.2%
Dodge: 4.59%
Parry: 10.2%
Block: 10.2%
Total = 30.19% +(shield block = 75%)= 105.19% avoidance (just 102.4% is needed)

Player vs. NPC:
This is how your stats will look like ingame.
Miss: 5.8%
Dodge: 5.19%
Parry: 10.8%
Block: 10.8%
Total = 32.59% +(shield block = 75%)= 107.59% avoidance (just 102.4% is needed)

You can get 100% avoidence even without shield block, but..why the hell would you do that?
It just leads to massive loose of much needed HP and TPS.

IV. Hitting the Boss

Weapon Expertise

Expertise was added to game in patch 2.3 and it is best stat for tank you can get, both for defense and TPS.

Every point of expertise reducing chance of your opponent to dodge/parry your attacks by 0.25%.
NPCs can dodge your attacks even from behind. But parry just in 180% degree in front of them. As a tank you will be affected by both parry and dodge.

Hit Rating

15.8 hit rating = 1% hit.
You need 9% hit to get hit cap. That is 142 hit rating.
Hit also works for Shield bash(silence) and taunt. These attacks cant be dodged or parried so if you achieve hit cap they will always hit.

Parry mechanics

If you attack a boss and he parry your attack there are 3 options that will follow.

If you hit boss by parry when  he is less then 20% before his next attack, it has no effect.
If you hit boss by parry when  he is between 20% and 60% before next attack, he will attack 20% sooner.
If you hit boss by parry when  he is more then 60% before next attack, he will attack 40% sooner.

What that means is if boss parry your attack his DPS will increase alot.

This is why parry and expertise are so strong.

You need  23 expertise = 91 expertise rating = 5.6% to not dodge.
You need 64 expertise = 253 expertise rating = 16% to not parry.

V. Boss avoidance

I saw many different set of avoidence of bosses on differente private servers, some of them dont even had parry mechanic on any of bosses so expertise was useless.

But this is how it should be with most bosses.
Player vs. Boss
Miss: 9.0%
Dodge: 5.6%
Parry: 16.0%
Glancing Blow: 25%

Glancing blow is damage reduction of your attacks based on level difference.

VI. Threat and TPS

Threat is aggro of NPCs towards you. If you are first in threat , casters need 130% of your threat to overaggro you and meeles need 110% of your threat to overaggro you.

TPS = Threat per second

Maximalizace TPS:

Threat from spells

Battle Shout +69 (rank 8 )
Cleave +130 (rank 6)
Commanding Shout +68
Demoralizing Shout +56 (rank 7)
Devastate +106 + [14 * number of stacks] it also apply threat of sunder armor
Disarm +104
Hamstring +181 (rank 4)
Heroic Strike +196 (rank 10)
Revenge +201 (rank 8 )
Improved Revenge (Stun) +25
Shield Bash +230 (rank 4)
Improved Shield Bash +??
Shield Slam +307 (rank 6)
Sunder Armor +301 (rank 6)
Taunt sets your threat to someone who is firstin aggro.
Thunder Clap basic threat is 1.75x damage done.

Generation of rage

"Yellow attacks" dont generate any rage.
And they dont work with windfury, except heroic strike and cleave whitch are skills that replace auto attack.

warrior with weapon of speed 1.6 generates 5.5rage with 200dmg autoattack
warrior with weapon of speed 1.6 generates 11rage with 400dmg crit autoattack

As you can see autoattacks generate basically nothing.
Main generation of rage happens when you get hited.
10 000 damage to 70lvl warrior generates 91rage.

That means , better your equip is and avoidence you have, less rage you will get. This is main problem with equip balance.

VII. Skill rotation

Main spells are:

Shield Slam
Heroic strike

In TPS spells follow:

Shield slam>Revenge>Heroic Strike>devastate

In threat per rage:

Revenge>Shield slam>devastate>Heroic strike

Revenge 5sec cooldown
Shield slam 6sec cooldown
Devaste 1.5sec Global cooldown

Warrior has 1,5sec global cooldown.

Shield slam:

With more Shield Value does more damage and generates 1/6TPS from dmg.


You can use revange just when you block/parry/dodge opponents attack.

Heroic strike:

This is where most differences between warriors TPS is. With faster weapon you can use Heroic strike more offten but it just consume so much rage and its very hard to use it all the time.
But bosses that hit like trucks in for example in Hyjal will make your rage almost infinite and you will be able to replace every single autoattack with Heroic strike will make your TPS skyrocket.


There are diffences between what you can use depending on your latency.

Higher Latency rotation:

Shield slam>Revange>devaste>repeat

Low latency rotation:

Shield slam>Revange>devaste>devaste>repeat

Also dont remeber to use Heroic Strike everytime its possible  but dont get too low on rage to interrupt basic rotation.

Lets take a closer look at Shield block here. With talent improved shield block you will be able to block 2 attacks not just one. Your aim is to use shield block before revange to guarantee you can use it. But you cant use it too late.

There are 2 reasons to use it even sooner that is before Shield slam

  1. You will have much higher chance that boss wont miss which doesnt trigger Revange
  2. Bonus of T5 set (Each time you use your Shield Block ability, you gain 100 block value against a single attack in the next 6 sec.) stacks incredibly well if used properly. You have to use Shield block and hit boss with shield slam before he can hit you. So you have 100more dmg with shield slam and bonus 100dmg reduction with shield block.

VIII. Min/Maxing your Defensive build


These talents are mainly for off tank or extremely hard bosses and progress of high Raids.


As a off tank its fairly important to use Thunder clap (TC) and demoralizing shout (DS) to sustain debuffs on boss. Its not always best idea to do so with easy bosses becouse with debuffing boss you are reducing TPS of main tank.

Improved DS: Is one of the best talents for defensive it lowers dps of boss by 5%.

Improved Shield wall: Can save the fight when boss get enraged.

Improved TC: This combine extremely well with shield block, with bonus reduction of attack speed by 10% makes most of the bosses to hit you just when you have shield block on. Making you immune to Crushing blow.

Shield Block: Is very usefull skill when its used properly, there are situations or bosses where there is no need to use it at all to get as much rage as possible. But there are also bosses like Illidan when you have to use shield block on every cast of Sheer.

Saving abillities:

Shield Wall: Shield wall saved me so many times I cant even count it, most examples are with Nalorakk THE BEAR from ZA, where off tank missed taunt in second stage. Or Kael´thas from TK, where all tanks were already dead so I had to tank 2 pyroblasts in row.

Last stand: Increase your HP by 30% , its nicely combinated with  Nightmare seed which increase your max life by 2000.

Trinkets to increase your avoidance:

Scarab of Displacement (2.10% avoidance, 8.25% avoidance on use for 15 seconds)

Moroes' Lucky Pocket Watch  (2.01% avoidance, 15.85% avoidance on use for 10 seconds)

Ancient Aqir Artifact  (1.90% avoidance, ~3.15% avoidance on use for 20 seconds)

Figurine - Empyrean Tortoise  (2.13% avoidance, 8.72% avoidance on use for 20 sec.)

Shadowmoon Insignia (3.49% avoidance, 1750 HP on use for 20 seconds)

IX. Min/Maxing your Agressive build


Depending on your gear and party setup. With feral druid in party and equip with alot agility on it, first talents are significantly stronger.

Main aim of these talents is to get as much rage as possible with rage generation and reducing rage cost of abilities.
These are main talents of warrior used in almost every raid. They are also good for Heroics.


-get off tank that will debuff boss for you

-dont use your Shield block if you have problems with TPS

-Use TPS trinkets on almost every Cooldown, if you loose aggro its too late to use them.

Strongest stats

1block value = 0.156TPS
1hit = 0.7TPS with better equip
1% hit = 11TPS
1%expertise = 11TPS ?

These stats + crits are strongest stats that keeps your TPS and HP high enough.

X. Gear for every tier

First I would like to say that this list will change alot how the server goes becouse its starts on 2.0.3 patch.

Patch changes:


  1. Black Temple- New raid avilable in Shadowmoon Valey, this raid will require preQuest to enter.
  2. Ethereum Prison- If you have revered with Consortium there will be dailys in Nether storm and Blades Edge and bonus boss Yor in Mana-Tombs will can be summoned with keys from these dailys.
  3. Skettis- New fraction up in Terokkar Forest will be avilabne with dailys, some new items and 280% Flying mounts.
  4. Netherwing- New fraction in Shadowmoon Valey will be avilable with dailys, new items and 280%Flying mounts.
  5. Ogri’la- New fraction in Blades Edge will be avilable with dailys and new items.
  6. Engineering- Engineers will be able to craft 11 new Epic goggles at skill 350.


  1. Zul´Aman- New 10man raid avilable, this raid was introduced mainly to help people which struggle in T6 content.
  2. Badge vendor- Will now have new items to buy which are quality of Zul´Aman items (T5-T6)
  3. Badge changes- Badges will now start dropping in Karazhan and Zul´Aman
  4. Daily quests- New PvE and PvP daily quests will be avilable in Shattrath City every day for bonus Badge of Justice or Honor reward.
  5. New combat stat: Expertise - This new stat reduces the chance that your attacks will be blocked, dodged, or parried. Expertise rating replaces weapon skill rating on current items.


  1. Sunwell Isle- New island avilable with daily quests , new 5man dungeon and new 25man raid.
  2. Magisters' Terrace- New 5man dungeon with gear of T5-T6 quality.
  3. Sunwell Plateau- New 25man raid with endgame gear opened.
  4. Shattered Sun Offensive- New fraction on Sunwell island with new gear and Recipies for Jewelcrafting gems.
  5. Proffesions- New recipies for Gloves, chest and Engineer Goggles now can be dropped in Sunwell Plateau.
  6. Badge changes- All raids now drop Badges. New items avilable from Badge vendor of T6+ quality.
  7. Tokens- All bosses that dropped one Token for Tier set, now drops two of them.

Gear from Quest Rewards

You can click on every item to find out where to get it.
I decided to make just list of best items for each tier you can get, becouse there are already many lists of these items and theres no big point in taking it by that small steps. Some of these items (specially rare one) are obtainable from pretty hard chain quests that require 5man group. But there will be more people hunting those items so it shouldnt be so bad.
You can check out this guide  from Volvagia if you struggle to get some items from harder quests.


Reinforced Heaume


Thalodien's Charm This neck is pretty neat, I usually use it until Karazhan. Quest itself is solable for prot warr.


Nexus-Guard's Pauldrons


Cloak of the Valiant Defender


Breastplate of the Warbringer
I like this chest alot, 30hit makes big difference in heroics.


Junior Technician 3rd Grade Bracers
stam,def,hit again nice item for heroics.


Grom'tor's Charge
This quest line is pretty hard and long, for last boss you gonna need good party. Quest is also first step for Champion of Naaru title.


Ancient Draenei Crest
This shield looks awefull...Never actually had it usually I just start doing dungeons with whatever i had. But still its best Shield you can get.

Ranged weapon

Mark V's Throwing Star
I was really confused at the beggining, it says that this weapon was added in 2.1.0 with all other Thrown weapons, but i found alot of comments from previous patches aswell. If anybody know something about it please let me. And ye I like this weapon mainly becouse its thrown which is nice for fast pulls but I am sure there are some guns better then this from quest.


Area 52 Engineering Gloves


Girdle of the Lost Vindicator
I like this one more then 2 socket one from Zang mainly becouse you dont wanna waste gems on these items in this stage of game.


Legguards of the Resolute Defender
Quest for these is very short and last boss has Suggested 3 players to do it.


Bloodguard's Greaves


Protector's Mark of the Redemption
This is pretty good ring, I am usually keeping it till T5 raids becouse my luck for ring drops sucks.
Wind Trader's Band
If this ring had 10hit more it would be epic, so yea this is very sick ring.


Dabiri's Enigma
Regal Protectorate
I dont like any of these, they just overcap your deffense too much. I would suggest to get Engineering and craft Goblin Rocket Launcher This will be best trinket for a long time becouse you cant get any stam trinket before 2.1.0 patch.

I am leaving Felsteel set becouse nobody will have it for some time as it require plans from difficult dungeons and its expensive on material.

Gear from Dugeons on normal difficulty

This is best gear you can get before Heroics. Note that you need revered reputation to enter Heroics on 2.0.3 so this will most likely be best gear you can get preKarazhan.


Felsteel Helm
This is best helmet till Karazhan but its not cheap and easy to get.
Myrmidon's Headdress
If you can invest money into Meta gem its 2nd best helmet but its not worth it in my opinion.
Greathelm of the Unbreakable
Good enough i would say, no need for any investment, easy to get and its not that worse then the other two.


Thalodien's Charm
I still think this is best one simply becouse 15block value is slightly better then 3stamina at this stage of game.
Enchanted Thorium Torque
If you have defense cap you can consider this as an option becouse hit is very strong.
[url=Mark of the Ravenguard]Mark of the Ravenguard[/url]
Easy to get, great stats.


Shoulderguards of the Bold
Best shoulders from normal I wouldnt hasitate to put 12stam sockets in them becouse it will take some time to get better one.
Pauldrons of Brute Force
These are almost as good as first one, but Underbog is so time wasting dungeon I wouldnt try to farm them at all.
Warchief's Mantle
Pretty strong aswell if you have def cap that is.


Devilshark Cape
This is best T4 cloack in game you wont get better then this till Tempest Keep I would say, so farm it as much as you can when theres nothing else to do.
Burnoose of Shifting Ages
Easy to get, block value is pretty strong in heroics.


Breastplate of the Bold
Best chest you can get without question.
Breastplate of the Warbringer
This is still very strong chest 30hit is just awesome and 45stam isnt low either.
Jade-Skull Breastplate
I disrespect shield rating as a warrior, but still 50stam and some def isnt that bad.


Sha'tari Wrought Armguards
These are very boring I would say, but still the best.
Junior Technician 3rd Grade Bracers
You can keep those for some time.


Grom'tor's Charge
Easy choice.


Aegis of the Sunbird
Good shield, hard to farm but its also first think you will replace for Badge of Justice shield.
Platinum Shield of the Valorous
BOORING, but ye still better then uncommon ones.

Ranged Weapon

Gyro-Balanced Khorium Destroyer I am not sure if you can get this weapon before 2.1.0 but I think you can, in that case try to get it its best weapon in game for tank. Otherwise use whatever you want till you get this one.


Felsteel Gloves
2sockets,27stam pretty good. Still expensive to get.
Thatia's Self-Correcting Gauntlets
I´ve always found this gloves as my favorite. 40block value is insane and I never found loose of 16stam bad at all.


Sha'tari Vindicator's Waistguard
Quest is also preQuest for Arcatraz.


Timewarden's Leggings
This has to be love becouse I cant recall any of my Tank used different pants untill T5.


Ironsole Clompers
Ramps normal pretty easy, even if drop rate sucks.


Dath'Remar's Ring of Defense
Best TPS ring at this tier, but it lacks of stam. Still my favorite.
Protector's Mark of the Redemption
Wind Trader's Band


Adamantine Figurine
Dabiri's Enigma
Regal Protectorate
All of these sucks, I would still suggest you to get Engineering rocket. But we will talk about it more in proffesion section once its done.

Best preRaid Gear

Note that this is like very crazy stuff you wont usually go this far before you start raiding. Karazhan is  easy and you should be able to get gear from there before any of this stuff. I got it in less then 7days played when Feenix started but you needed just honored for Heroics and gold rates from quest rewards were higher. Still you should be able to get it in like 14days played I would say.


Felsteel Helm
Still the best.


Thalodien's Charm
Block Value is really strong when your equip is on this level thats why.


Fanblade Pauldrons
Just look at that skin, also parry is awesome.


Devilshark Cape
This back is just broken.


Breastplate of the Bold


Bracers of the Green Fortress
Its not that hard to get actually, once somebody has recipe for it. Material is kinda easy to farm.


The Sun Eater
Exelent weapon and really easy to farm too, usually first think I get from heroics.


Crest of the Sha'tar
This is challenge but farming mechanar all day will do it.

Ranged Weapon

Gyro-Balanced Khorium Destroyer


Thatia's Self-Correcting Gauntlets
Loving block value with such a good gear and tons of HP already on other items.


Girdle of the Immovable


Timewarden's Leggings


Boots of the Colossus


Crystal Band of Valor
Dath'Remar's Ring of Defense


Goblin Rocket Launcher x2

I am not going to do Karazhan+ gear list right now. I found it more important to explain enchants and socketing first after I threw bunch of items at you.

XI. Enchantments


Presence of Might 10stam/10def/15block value (0.5% avoidance, 0.3% avoidance on 5000 damage attacks)
Glyph of the Defender 16 defense rating and 17 dodge rating (1.7% avoidance, no stamina)
Presence if Might is alot better becouse of stamina and block value but not that easy to obtain as Glyph.


Fortitude of the Scourge 16stamina 100armor
Greater Inscription of Warding 15 dodge rating, 10 defense rating (1.3% avoidance) Aldor exalted
Greater Inscription of the Knight 10 dodge rating, 15 defense rating (1.28% avoidance) Scryer exalted
Fortitude of the Scourge is best one but it wont be obtainable during launch becouse they said Vanilla raids will be closed to prevent exploiting.
Second best one is Scyer one becouse it has just 0.02% less avoidance but it has more defense= easier def cap , more parry


= +12 agi (0.36% crit, 0.4% dodge, 24 armor)
= +12 dodge rating (0.63 dodge)
= +120 armor (~0.15% DR, 0.39% RDR)
= +12 defense rating (0.61% avoidance)
I wouldnt consider anything else then defense or agi, and I would go for defense just if I need it for defense cap. Agi is very strong mix of defense and aggro.


= +150HP


= +12 stamina
= +12 defense (0.6% avoidance)
I recommend going with stamina.


= +15 agi (0.45% crit, 0.5% avoidance, 30 armor)
= 2% threat (approximately 20 TPS)
= +10 stamina
10stam will NOT be avilable till 2.3.0
I usually choose 2%threat here.


= +9 stamina and +8% movement speed. (boar speed)
= +12 stamina
Boar speed enchant will make you fly in instances. Sadly its enchant that will be added in 2.4.0 so we will have to wait for it.


= +18 stamina
= +18 block value (0.36% mitigation against a 5000 point hit)
Even if I said block value is really good stat its not as good as stamina in this case, 18stamina is alot and you will need it to survive boss fights.


= +40 sta, +12 agi
Not much to say about.

XII. Socketing

Standart gems:

Blue: +15 stam OR +12 stam

Red: +5 agi, +7 stam OR +4 agi, +6 stam
       +10parry OR +8parry
       +10dodge OR +8dodge
       +5parry, +6stam This gem will be added in 2.1.0 and drop from Heroic dungeon bosses

Yellow: +5 defense, +7 stam OR +4 defense, +6 stam
           +10hit OR +8hit

Meta Gem 1: +12 defense rating, 10% block value (cant hold VALUE of this gem) Sadly this is 2.4.0 gem
Meta Gem 2: +18 sta, +5% chance to resist stuns

Best way to socket your gear is just pure stamina everywhere, socket bonuses are often very bad and most likely its choice between 300HP and 0.5% avoidance.
Tanks in Sunwell started socketing hard avoidance becouse that way it was much easier to farm lower level content and to survive hard Sunwell content. But take in mind they had T6 or Sunwell quality equip. They still had around 17 000HP unbuffed and you dont wanna go lower than that if you can.

Lets look at some items where can be exeptions:

Blue Socket  15stam
Blue Socket  15stam
Red Socket    +5parry, +6stam
Socket Bonus: +6 Stamina

This way you will sacrifice 3stam for 5parry which isnt bad choice if you have enough HP.

Blue Socket  +15stam
Yellow socket  +5def, +7stamina
Socket Bonus: +4 Stamina

You can choose to sacrifice 4stam for 5def if you feel you have already alot of HP or you need def cap.

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